The Land of Shadow

The Shadow

It has been an elves age since the shadow in the North crept in. All of Eredane’s disasters combined have not left the sorrow and destruction that the shadow has brought it. Darkness spread across the continent, its foul essence staining the land with its evil shadow.

The Age of Twilight

Three times the God-King of Bane rose and threatened the nations of Eredane with iron and dark magic. As the First Age drew to a close, an elven host led by Aradil the Witch Queen, met and defeated Izrador’s horde on the plain of Eris Aman. At the end of the Second Age, the elves joined the dwarven lords of Kaladrun and the Nerath Empire to once again throw back the dark one’s armies in the Battle of Three Kingdoms.

The Last Battle

At the end of the Third Age, four of the greatest heroes of Eredane were corrupted by the God-King. These new servants, the Night Lords, led Izrador’s foul hordes across all the lands of Eredane.

This time, the God-King won.

The dwarven clans were weakened and they retreated to their holdfasts deep within the earth. The elves withdrew into their vast and ancient forest, abandoning all to the shadow. The barbarians, tamed during the Third Age by a power from across the sea, were betrayed from within and surrendered to the Night Lords. The corruption of Izrador spread from the ancient battlefields of Eredane until all had fallen under the shadow.

The World of Charos

Izrador and the Night Lords continue on their campaign to consolidate their power and eradicate their enemies, the shadow continues to spread. The elder races are being systematically hunted down and exterminated. The continent-spanning forest of Erethor has become an island of light in a darkening world, as the elves and fey fight a neverending battle against besieging hordes of goblinoids. The surviving dwarven clans have locked themselves in their mountain holdfasts, and the streets of once-proud subterranean cities have become killing fields for the Night Lords’ troops that are sent in to root them out.

While the desperate war rages on in the ancestral homelands of the elder races, the lands of men are ruled with an iron fist by the minions of Bane. Many cities lie in ruins, and most common folk live in walled towns, locking the gates against the darkness each night. Literacy and learning are lost skills. Ignorance spreads across the land like a terrible plague. Faith is impossible in a land where the gods have seemingly abandoned their people. Alone, there is truly no hope for the races of Eredane.

A few brave heroes dare to oppose the tyranny of the Night Lords. They struggle to stem the tide of darkness and restore hope to a despairing world. Pursued by the Night Lords’ foul minions and the secretive legates of the Order of Bane, these heroes will never receive parades and victory feasts as the reward for their noble efforts. Their greatest foes are often the suspicion, resentment, and fear of the very people they strive to champion and protect.

A Glimpse of Hope

There is still a slight glimpse of hope in this desolate land, a small fellowship of men, who fervently continue to worship the gods, who seem to have forsaken this land. They serve the hope that one day order will be restored and that light will one day win against the power of the God-King.